Beautiful contemporary setting that will take your breath away with its dramatic setting of your diamond. The yellow gold band will stand out from all the other white gold and platinum settings and provide contrast to the diamond. Shown with a princess cut diamond, but also can be set with a round, oval, or emerald cut diamond.

An elegant, stylish modern setting, this tension-set engagement ring twists a bit at the top where it showcases your diamond for all to see. A striking setting, this 14k white gold ring can be set with an emerald, round, princess, or oval shaped diamond.

Dazzling spiraling tension set engagement ring in 14k white gold. This beautiful engagement ring is a modern style stunner with an artsy feel to it as well. Definitely a unique look! Shown here with a round diamond, but this ring can also be set with a princess-cut diamond as well -- your choice!

If you're looking for a modern ring with a dramatic flair, this is the one for you!

This sleek, modern engagement ring holds your diamond in a dramatic position, appearing to float between the edges of the platinum band. Can only be set with a round diamond.

Elegant tension set engagement ring with pave diamonds circling around the center diamond.

This ring is awesome because it's so different from your standard, generic solitaire engagement ring. First, you have a great modern-style tension setting. Then, you have the pave diamonds and TWO different types of gold, white and yellow. Very unique engagement ring!

Modern tension-set engagement ring with a thick bar shank and pave diamonds decorating the outer part of the setting

This is a glamorous, unique engagement ring that will easily stand out among the rest. First, the tension setting provides a breath taking view for your center diamond. Next, pave diamonds decorate the rounded 14k white gold band and add additional sparkle. You can choose a round or oval shaped diamond to set in this ring.

Breathtaking, spiraling tension set engagement ring in platinum that holds your center diamond with a flair. A unique, modern setting that will stand out from the rest. Shown here with a round diamond but can also be set with a pear, oval, princess, or emerald shaped diamond.