Handmade six-prong solitaire engagement ring.

This ring is classy but will still turn heads. The band on this 18k yellow gold solitaire engagement ring tapers in as it nears the center diamond, emphasizing and visually enlarging your center stone to make it appear even bigger. This ring can be set with a round or oval shaped diamond.

This is a simple, classy solitaire yellow gold engagement ring. The band is on the thinner side, and the center diamond is secured with a double-prong platinum setting. This ring can be set with any shape or size diamond.

Contemporary style solitaire engagement ring.

Simple, elegant yellow gold engagement ring. This setting has six prongs around the center diamond for added durability, and the band pinches slightly at it reaches the top.

Gorgeous, brilliant yellow gold setting, the perfect contrast to the sparkling diamond that you choose to put in the center. This ring can be set with just about any shape and size diamond.

Yellow gold gleaming like a goldfish plus your beautiful center diamond. (Ok, maybe a goldfish isn't the right thing to compare an engagement ring to. Sorry.)

This ring is really great if you want a solitaire ring, but also want a little "extra" so that it's not a completely plain setting. The 18k yellow gold band (platinum, white gold, and palladium also available) has a "beaded" design that gives it a bit of flair while still maintaining the simple beauty of a solitaire ring. Oh, and SURPRISE!! (This ring has 2 surprise diamonds as well).

The 18k yellow gold band creates a glimmering edge on this solitaire engagement ring, and the tulip shaped setting holds your center diamond securely with platinum prongs. This ring can be set with a diamond of any shape or size.

Beautiful symbolic solitaire engagement ring in yellow gold. The diamond setting has been created with an X design to represent a kiss, and the circular band is an O, representing an embrace that will last forever. Shown here with a pear-shaped diamond, but can be set with a diamond of any shape.

The diamond is secured by an X and set to an O -- a kiss and endless embrace. The X is created by the design of the prongs holding the diamond and the circle of the band makes an O. This 18k yellow gold engagement ring can be set with any shape diamond.

This timeless solitaire engagement ring gleams at the knife-edge of the 18k yellow gold band and your center diamond provides the brilliant sparkle to dazzle. The prongs are constructed from platinum for greater durability. A diamond of any shape or size can be set in this ring.

This solitaire engagement ring is crafted from a 18k yellow gold band with a knife-edge that creates a glimmering circle of light, all topped off by the sparkle and shine of your center diamond. In addition, two "surprise" diamonds adorn the bottom of the prongs that secure the center stone. This ring can be set with any shape or size diamond.

This solitaire engagement ring provides a perfect blend of simplicity and contrast, with a 14k yellow gold band against your center diamond. This ring can be set with a diamond of any shape and size.