Simple and elegant, this classic solitaire engagement ring in proudly displays your center diamond in all its glory with the four-prong setting. The 18k white gold band will sparkle along with your diamond -- you can choose a round, princess, Asscher, cushion, emerald, oval, or radiant cut diamond for this ring.

This solitaire engagement ring tapers in to emphasize your center diamond. The inner edges on this 18k white gold setting are rounded in order to maximize wearing comfort, and the basket is a cathedral style setting to showcase your diamond. This ring can be set with any shape diamond.

Simple, timeless, and classic, this is your standard, "can't go wrong" engagement ring. One of the most popular engagement ring styles, this ring is always a good choice. While a round diamond is the most common shape for this ring, it can also be set with a marquise or pear shaped diamond.

This is the 14k white gold version of one of the most popular rings on the market. Simple, classic, timeless, and an extraordinary value, this solitaire engagement ring will display your diamond beautifully and impress everyone who sees it. This ring can be set with a round, marquise, or pear shaped diamond.

Simply elegant, this solitaire engagement ring in 14k white gold is crafted to taper to a point and frame your center diamond in a four-prong design.

Deriving beauty from simplicity, this wallet-friendly solitaire engagement ring has a 14k white gold band that tapers in at the very end as it lifts up slightly to accept your center diamond. The inner edges have also been rounded for maximum comfort while wearing. You can set this ring with a diamond of any size or shape.

Basic, simple engagement ring that will leave plenty of your budget for the diamond!

The tapered solitaire engagement ring is such a great look, especially when looking at it head-on. This ring combines a tapered band with a four-prong setting for the center diamond, which can be any size or shape.

Breathtakingly unique engagement ring in white gold with delicately detailed hand engraving on the band. The center diamond that you choose to set in this ring will look great with the accents around the ring.

Beautiful, simple and elegant solitaire engagement ring. The thin (or as they call it, 'Petite Nouveau') band is made of gorgeous 18k white gold and will make your diamond really pop. Slightly less versatile than other solitaire rings, this one can only be set with a round, Asscher, cushion, or radiant shaped diamond.

This solitaire engagement ring has a trellis setting holding your center diamond, with a thinner band constructed of 14k white gold. The diamond of your choice, a round, princess, or Asscher cut stone, will be displayed beautifully.

This platinum ring is crafted to be elegant yet still catch the eyes of those in the presence of the wearer

Classic solitaire engagement ring in 14k white gold. In addition, this ring has rounded inner edges for maximum comfort. Beautifully simple, this ring is also very budget-friendly and versatile as well -- set it with a diamond of any shape and size.

This budget-friendly solitaire engagement ring has a 14k white gold band that splits apart at the very top as it accepts your center diamond. 2 small "surprise" diamonds also provide additional sparkle on the sides of the prongs holding the center stone. This ring can be set with a round diamond up to 1.25 carats.

We love this setting because it's elegant, but not too complicated. This pave diamond engagement ring has extra sparkling diamonds that you won't find on a simple solitaire setting, but it's not overstated or exaggerated.

Modern style solitaire engagement ring with the diamond in a half bezel setting. This is a simple solitaire setting, but with a modern flair to it.

Floral leaf accents around the center diamond give this ring an elegant simplicity that brings smiles! Beautiful ring if you want a setting with slightly more detail than a solitaire but nothing too complicated.

The prongs are elegantly shaped like leaves as they cradle and secure your center diamond in the 14k white gold band. This solitaire engagement ring can be set with a round diamond between .33 and 1.3 carats.