Timeless solitaire engagement ring in beautiful platinum with contoured edges to add a slightly modern touch. Shown here with a princess-cut diamond, but can also be fit with a round or asscher cut diamond.

This classic solitaire engagement ring in platinum is designed to be comfortable to wear with its rounded inner edges. Set this ring with a diamond of any shape and you'll have a beautiful, lasting piece of art.

Simple and elegant, this solitaire engagement ring in platinum allows your diamond to take center stage. The four prong setting lets more of your center diamond's brilliance to shine through to please the eye. You can choose a round, princess, cushion, Asscher, emerald, oval, or radiant cut diamond.

Simple, classic solitaire engagement ring in platinum with a cathedral setting to elevate and emphasize your center diamond. This setting is both budget-friendly and versatile, allowing a diamond of any size and shape to grace the main position on this ring.

Timeless, simple, and classic, this platinum solitaire engagement ring features a six prong setting to secure and showcase your center diamond. Shown here with a round diamond, this ring can also be set with a marquise or pear shaped diamond.

Solitaire diamond engagement ring with a thin band. This ring has a six-prong setting, instead of the usual four, to showcase your center diamond. You can set this timeless ring with a round diamond of your choice.

The thin, petite band on this ring gives an elegant feel (although still durable, it's platinum!) and a beautiful, thin frame to emphasize your center diamond. Choose any shape or size diamond for this setting -- this ring is great for all size diamonds, including smaller ones because the thin band will make it look even bigger.

Affordable platinum solitaire engagement ring.

This thin solitaire engagement ring makes your center diamond stand out, and the prongs securing the diamond allow it to sparkle from all angles. This elegant solitaire setting can be set with a round, cushion, radiant, or Asscher cut diamond.

Elegant engagement ring that will stand out in a crowd of other rings!

This Cushion Cut Engagement Ring is the perfect way for you to symbolize your love to your future wife. They call it a "Bezel-Set" ring, but I prefer "Framed" because it looks like the diamond is surrounded by a beautiful platinum frame!

Elegant, simple platinum solitaire engagement ring with a thin band to make your center diamond stand out. You can choose a diamond of any shape and size to set in this ring.

Specially designed for a princess-cut diamond, this platinum solitaire engagement ring displays your center stone in a secure, stunning double-prong setting.

The basket holding the center diamond extends low in order to be even with the rest of the platinum band for maximum comfort while wearing. This solitaire engagement ring can be set with any size or shape diamond.

This is a great choice for those looking for a solitaire engagement ring with a wider shank. This platinum band widens slightly as it approaches the four-prong setting for the center diamond. This ring can be set with a round, princess, or asscher cut diamond.