This beautiful Halo Saphire Diamond engagement ring is fit for royalty indeed. The breathtaking sparkle and design of this ring would go perfectly with a crown. When he thought of you, he saw you as his treasure and when he gave you this ring, he's made you the queen of his heart.

Something old, something new, something sparkling and exciting with something blue? Exactly what this remarkable engagement ring represents. The love might be old but it forever stays new, the ring shows how sparkling and exciting your love will remain and a touch of blue sky and ocean it will stay. How deep is your love?

Two perfectly-matched pear-shaped sapphires sit on either side of your center diamond, making for a distinctive look with its blue color when compared to other colorless rings. The platinum setting has a nice weight that will feel great on her finger!

Add some passion to your engagement ring with two red, ruby sidestones alongside the diamond that you choose to set in the center of this unique 18k white gold engagement ring. This setting is designed for a princess cut diamond, but can also be set with a round, emerald, or radiant cut diamond.

We love the addition of the green, pear-shaped emerald sidestones in this ring -- really livens it up with some color! Add a round diamond of your choice to sit in the center and you'll have a really great ring.

We love engagement rings with gemstones on the side because they add color and contrast. This popular setting has alternating sapphires and diamonds channel set into the 18k white gold band. Just finish it off with the center diamond of your choice: any shape or size!

Beautiful, colorful ring with sapphire sidestones.

Beautiful white gold setting with alternating sapphire and diamond sidestones.