Breathtakingly unique engagement ring in white gold with delicately detailed hand engraving on the band. The center diamond that you choose to set in this ring will look great with the accents around the ring.

Sophisticated simplicity abounds in this classic solitaire engagement ring. Double prongs hold your diamond more securely than regular, single prongs for a longer lasting, more durable setting. Any size or shape diamond can be set in this ring -- get creative and add the diamond you really want!

This graceful, simple solitaire engagement ring in 18k white gold creates a brilliant shine emanating from the flat "airline" edge of the band. Your center diamond is secured and showcased by 4 platinum double-prongs for maximum durability, creating a beautiful and long-lasting ring that leaves plenty in the budget for your diamond! You can choose any shape or size diamond to set in this ring.

Handcrafted solitaire engagement ring in white gold that features a tulip-inspired basket with durable platinum prongs to showcase your center diamond. This ring can be set with any shape diamond.

10 round diamonds are channel set into this 14k white gold band, combining with the center diamond of your choice to make a spectacular engagement ring. Your center stone can be any shape diamond, and total weight of the channel set diamonds is 1/8 carats.

The knife-edge setting on this 14k white gold band provides an everlasting shine around this solitaire engagement ring. The prongs securing your center diamond create an X for a kiss, and the O of the band represents an embrace. This ring can be set with any shape or size diamond.

Classic, simple engagement ring in 14kt white gold with a four-prong tulip inspired basket to hold your center diamond. The prongs are made of platinum for durability. This ring can be set with any size and shape center diamond.

Modern style solitaire engagement ring with the diamond in a half bezel setting. This is a simple solitaire setting, but with a modern flair to it.

This polished, shiny 14k white gold band rounds off into a cathedral setting as it rises to meet your center diamond. Create a classic solitaire engagement ring by adding a diamond of any shape to this ring.

Simple, but different looking ring with a cross-prong setting

This classic solitaire engagement ring in 14k white gold has a four double-prong cathedral setting for your center diamond that was styled after the graceful bulb of a tulip plant. The prongs are made out of platinum for maximum durability. Shown here with a radiant cut diamond but can be set with a diamond of any shape.

Ritani's beautiful X-O setting here again on this beautiful but budget-friendly solitaire engagement ring in white gold. The price is great at $635 and the breathtaking beauty is everlasting. Finish it off with your center diamond and you'll be dazzling the whole neighborhood!

This 14k white gold solitaire engagement ring secures and elevates your center diamond with a cathedral setting, showcasing it and all of its sparkling beauty. This is a fairly thin band, so it will emphasize your diamond even more. This ring can be set with any size or shape diamond.

Beautiful, simple and elegant solitaire engagement ring. The thin (or as they call it, 'Petite Nouveau') band is made of gorgeous 18k white gold and will make your diamond really pop. Slightly less versatile than other solitaire rings, this one can only be set with a round, Asscher, cushion, or radiant shaped diamond.

Beautiful ring! Heart designs adorn the shank of this gorgeous ornate ring.

This solitaire engagement ring tapers in to emphasize your center diamond. The inner edges on this 18k white gold setting are rounded in order to maximize wearing comfort, and the basket is a cathedral style setting to showcase your diamond. This ring can be set with any shape diamond.

Beautiful white gold setting with alternating sapphire and diamond sidestones.

The tapered solitaire engagement ring is such a great look, especially when looking at it head-on. This ring combines a tapered band with a four-prong setting for the center diamond, which can be any size or shape.

Surround your brilliant centerpiece (that's your main, center diamond if you're a bit slow today) with beautiful, sparkling smaller diamonds in a halo setting. This is pretty much your standard halo engagement ring -- a sure winner if this is what you're looking for, and very affordable.

This solitaire engagement ring is beautiful in its elegant simplicity. The 18k white gold setting lends all attention to your center diamond, held secure by four platinum prongs. This ring can accommodate a diamond of any size and shape.

Beautiful, simple engagement ring in 18k white gold featuring an X-O design to represent a kiss and endless embrace: the X is crafted into the setting and the circular ring makes an O shape. In addition, the prongs on this ring are platinum for maximum durability. Shown here with a marquise cut diamond, but can be set with any shape diamond.

Here's a great ring for princess cut lovers. You get two princess cut diamond side stones, and, in case you're not a complete princess cut addict, you can choose any shape diamond to put in the center. (Although, if you ARE a princess cut addict, you do still have the option to choose a princess cut stone). Each diamond sidestone is around .1 carat, so they are pretty small side stones (this also helps your main diamond appear larger!).

This elegant antique-style engagement ring features a wide 14k white gold band with 3 small diamond sidestones on either side of the center stone. This is a great choice for a affordable, vintage-inspired ring that isn't overloaded with details. The center diamond can be any shape and size.

This is a great choice if you want a solitaire setting with a little more design on the band than the standard solitaire ring. The beaded design creates a beautiful, almost pearl-like look to the band and it looks fantastic. Two surprise diamonds add a little sparkle to the upper band below the center diamond.

This vintage style engagement ring includes pave diamonds and a milgrain texture to showcase the center diamond of your choosing. The price is great on this ring, too!