A unique and beautiful design graces this budget-friendly engagement ring. A princess cut diamond sits in the center, surrounded by a square halo of round diamonds. The 14k white gold band twists once over itself on each side, and is further accented by more pave diamonds.

This engagement ring with an antique flair features a marquise cut diamond and intricate details that make this ring a sophisticated beauty. The 14k white gold band has diamond sidetones embedded within and engraved milgrain scrollwork accents. Total carat weight of the diamonds in this Neil Lane ring is 3/4 carat.

A beautiful princess cut diamond is the centerpiece of this engagement ring. Additional princess cut pave diamonds decorate the 14k white gold band and add additional sparkle on either side of the main diamond. Total weight of the diamonds in this budget-friendly ring is 1/2 carat.

Stunning engagement ring with a beautiful twisted band design. Every inch of this setting has been carefully detailed to add maximum sparkle and splendor. The sides of this setting are twisted into an infinity shape, set with additional pave diamonds, and given finely detailed edges. Surrounding the center diamond is a halo of diamonds, along with intricate detailing around the edges. The round diamond in the center is emphasized and showcased by the halo and pave diamonds. Total diamond weight in this ring comes to 5/8 carats.

This engagement ring features three beautiful princess cut diamonds set in a gorgeous 14k white gold setting. Total diamond weight is 1 carat.

3 sparkling princess-cut diamonds grace the center of the engagement ring, followed by pave diamonds set in the 14k white gold band. Additionally, milgrain engraving accents the band and adds intricate detailing to make this ring even more spectacular. Total diamond weight is 7/8 carats.

Gorgeous setting in 14k white gold that features a synergistic blend of styles to create a beautiful engagement ring. A Tolkowsky round diamond sits at the top of this ring, surrounded by two additional round diamonds on either side. Further down, channel-set diamonds make this ring complete. In all, this ring contains 5/8 carats and comes with a certificate of authenticity for the center Tolkowsky diamond as well as a independent certification.

An Ideal Cut Tolkowsky diamond sits at the top of this ring, accompanied by additional round diamonds decorating the 14k white gold band.

Let her know that you'll be there forever with this gorgeous engagement ring. The settings is made of rich, 14k yellow gold and features three perfectly-matched diamonds totaling 1 carat at the center. To add additional flourish, small diamonds have been channel-set on both sides of the band under the center diamonds.